01.01.2017 - New CodecChef release features significant innovations in metadata

The latest CodecChef release has been available since January 2017. In addition to an expanded codec base and small improvements in functionality, the new version offers substantial innovations in the field of metadata (video-specific and police case-related), which can now be configured and positioned in dialogs as needed. A new highlight of the standard dataset is the addition of time synchronization. This means that a date and time can be entered for every video, allowing for the synchronized analysis of processes for individual videos from various sources in analysis systems. Geo-coordinates can now also be input (automatically or manually), making it possible to position videos visually on maps.

13.10.2016 - CodecChef impresses at ENFSI Annual Meeting

In front of a captivated audience at this years European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) Annual Meeting, Dr. Hans Schriber and Heinz Ruesch demonstrated how CodecChef increases the efficiency of video-forensic processes and offers invaluable advantages for later analysis of the videos thanks to its enhanced metadata. It was clear from the lively panel discussion and consistently positive feedback on the hassle-free expansion of the Codec base and extremely quick transcoding via parallel processing that CodecChef meets the needs of forensics and related disciplines, and can be easily integrated into existing structures thanks to its flexible client server architecture.

20.03.2016 - CodecChef covers more than 85% of applicable cases handled by the Forensic Institute of Zurich

With its 1.3 release, CodecChef automatically transcodes more than 85% of transcoding cases handled by the Forensic Institute of Zurich (FOR) on a daily basis. The high degree of coverage provides significant support to forensics by relieving them of both monotonous and time-consuming evaluation work. This remarkable success was achieved through the excellent collaboration with the FOR.

18.12.2015 - CodecChef 1.0 release goes live

After the successful pilot run at Forensic Institute of Zurich (FOR), CodecChef 1.0 has been adopted at FOR. Forensics uses CodecChef for all applicable cases. The intensive collaboration with FOR, together with the expansion of CodecChef, will continue.

20.08.2015 - CodecChef Pilot Started

The Forensic Institute of Zurich began a pilot program using CodecChef on August 20. CodecChef worked perfectly. The responsible forensic scientist has used CodecChef with real data in his normal working process from the beginning. The codec basis is not yet very large, but the recipes for translation of additional codecs are being continuously expanded and recorded in the pilot. The pilot phase is being developed in close cooperation with the Forensic Institute of Zurich.